Noise control / measurement / vibration

CR-1 Vibration Calibrator

CR-100 Accelerometer for whole body vibration assessments

KHO-01 Occupational hygiene kit - Acoustic

HD2011NMT –תחנת ניתור רעש


V-glove Acelerômetro triaxial para teste de luvas

CR-2 Digital Noise Calibrator

KHO-08 Occupational hygiene kit - Acoustic

HD2010UC.kit1 – Class 1 Integrating Sound Level Meter

CR-101 Accelerometer for hand-arm vibration assessments

Sonus-2 Plus - Noise dosimeter with 1/1 and 1/3 octave filter

HD2030.K1 – 4-channel vibration analyzer kit

HD2040 – Tapping machine

Vibrate - Vibration Monitor Whole Body and Hand-arm

Octava-Plus Digital Sound Level Meter

HD2010MCTC – Class 1 Sound Level meter for automotive – car noise emission inspection

iDB Noise Monitor