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Accura 3 Plus -משאבות דיגום אישית

The Accura 3 Plus is a programmable digital pump. Highly technological, it monitors in real time the evaluation parameters such as backpressure, flow, volume and assessment time.
Versatile, it has a scale from 0 to 5 l / min allowing low and high flow assessments for all types of dust, gas, steam and fog, complying with all NIOSH, OSHA and applicable standards:
ISO 13137 : 2013 Pumps for personal sampling of chemical and biological agents. Requirements and test methodsTechnical characteristics
Colorful display
Real time indicators of backpressure, flow, volume, battery level, assessment progress and time
Flow range: 0 to 5 l/min. For use up to 0,5 l/min it is necessary to use low flow redactor LF-500
Programmable start delay, flow and assessment time
External filter CR-44, easy clean and change
Power supply: Li-ion battery 3600 mAh
High resistance to EMI/RFI
Digital flow calibration
Active backpressure system up to 70” H2O
Audible and visual obstruction alert
Security system for automatic shutdown
Light and ergonomic, provides comfort to the user
Automatic screen lock
High strength metal clip
Autonomy around 12 hours with a 2 l/min and maximum load
Light and ergonomic, it is easy to wear
Dimensions: 85 x 100 x 35 mm
Weight: 260 g

Accura 3 Plus -משאבות דיגום אישית
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