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The calorimetric flow monitor FS 05 is based on the calorimetric measuring principle. It is a simple flow velocity sensor with one or two switching contacts. Due to this construction, it is intended primarily as the substitution of mechanical flow sensors in industrial cooling and building applications.

The flow velocity range of the sensor is 4 – 200 cm/sec. Contact making is indicated by means of two LEDs. The switching contact(s) is adjusted by means of the microswitch which has 16 positions. Electrical connection is provided by WAGO terminals on the PCB of the evaluation unit through the cable entry.

The electronic circuitry is always in compact construction with a secured high IP67 code. According to pipeline ID, there are two lengths of bar sensor, namely 65 mm (standard) and 125 mm. In case of an empty pipeline, the sensor behaves in the same way as in case of zero flow.

The flow monitor includes two control buttons and a rotary microswitch (16 positions) by which means it is possible to set:

  • switching point/points for flow velocity (temperature in some case)
  • to modify the logics of the making/breaking output
  • to calibrate the minimum and maximum flow through the monitor
  • to reset factory default parameter values

Individual indications using LEDs:

  • supply voltage indicator
  • signalization of zero flow or lower than Qmin
  • SSR1 switching point value (indication during rotation of BCD SW)
  • SSR2 switching point value (indication during rotation of BCD SW)
  • signalization of SSR1 relay on-state
  • signalization of SSR2 relay on-state


  • Adapter block


Sensor typeFS 05
Power supply24 V ±10 % DC with polarity reversal protection
Input power1.5/4 VA
Electrical connectioncable connection via WAGO terminals
Process connectionaccording to DIN2353 with the M16×1.5 union nut through the 24° ring into the direct socket with pipe thread (G1/2″; G1/4″; M14 × 1.5; NPT1/4″)
Sensor designcompact
Display4 × LED
Types of ouputsreley
Contact rating130 mA / 60 V / 500 mW
Response time *1 to 6 s
Velocity flow range4 to 200 cm/s
Accuracy± 2 to ± 8 cm/s
Hysteresis2 to 8 cm/s
Controlmicroswitch (16 positions)
Temperature of liquid-10 to 80 °C
Ambient temperature-20 to 55 °C
Material in contact with mediumstainless steel DIN 1.4404
Maximum pressure64 bar
Ingress protectionIP 67
Ambient humiditymax. 90 %
Status contactSSR, passive, potential free, max. 350 V

AC/DC, 150 mA, 400 mW
Weight290 g
Dimensions (H×W×D)91×74×60 mm (in case of the longer version, the height is 151 mm)


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