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Pressure Transmitter With Indicator

Pressure Transmitter With Indicator


UPB9 industrial pressure transmitter with indicator adopts high performance and high stability UPX19(OEM) pressure sensor as measuring element. The sensor signal is converted into standard 4-20mA signal output by special signal processing IC. After long-term aging and stability testing, the product performance is stable and reliable. UPB9 can realize pressure display, zero adjustment and range ability on site.

UPB9 pressure transmitter with indicator installation interface connection (process connection), can not only be made according to the requirements of users, but also be provided compatible with other brands of transmitters.


●4 digit LED display

●High performance-to-price ratio, high accuracy, long-term stability

●Electric shell is cast-aluminium material , IP65 protection

●Reversed protection, current limiting protection

●Anti-corrosive, the anti-attrition, the anti-impact

●Flush membrane and the tantalum diaphragm option

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