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Pressure Switch With Digital Display

Pressure Switch With Digital Display


UPS2 pressure switch with digital display is pressure measurement & control product with intelligent digital display, it is combined the functions of pressure measurement, display, output and control. This product is made with entire electronic structure, and built isolated-membrane pressure sensor in its front end.

Its output signal is amplified through high accuracy & low temperature swift amplifer, then is input high accuracy A/D converter, and processed by microprocessor, the processed signal controls two-way switch, to realize the pressure measurement and control for systems.

The use of UPS2 pressure switch is very flexible. UPS2's operation and adjustment is simple and easy, meanwhile, this product also has good reliability and safety.


◆4 digit LED Switch value can be set from zero to full scale freely.

◆The outer case is equipped with light emitting diode (LED),is easy for abserving operation.

◆Operation is easy; the pressed key is for adjustment and parameters setting on the spot.

◆Two-way switch output, 1.2A loading capacity.

◆4~20mA analog output (optional).

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