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SM100i Intelligent Olfactometer Overview:

Our SM100i Intelligent Olfactometer draws a sample of ambient air via Venturi pump and dilutes it using fresh, odorless / odourless air from a compressed air tank. The SM100i takes out all the guesswork from personal olfactometry because it automatically screens panelists and conducts a YES/NO test mode to determine accurate odour concentration and hedonic tones. Each SM100i requires no sample bags, no filters to change, no pumps or other moving parts to maintain. An instrument you can rely on!

Full Accordance With Recognized Odour / Odor Standards

Scentroid’s SM100i conducts a full odour analysis in accordance with international EN13725 standard. The SM100i can analyze from a sample bag or be deployed in the field for direct olfactometry and ambient odour measurements. In addition to odour concentration (in OU) the SM100i (with the use of the wearable OdoTracker) can also automatically record Ammonia (NH3) and Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) in real-time.

Use the SM100i Intelligent Olfactometer to:

Perform daily odor / odour assessments and identify their sources
Determine odor / odour mitigation effectiveness
Evaluate the odor / odour emission impact on nearby residents
Monitor emission compliance and conduct N-Butanol screening
Conduct SM100i Intelligent Olfactometer Odor / Odour Measurements From:

Ambient air without any additional sampling equipment
Directly from smoke stacks or filter inlets
Flux chambers
Air samples in PTFE/Tedlar Bags

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