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SC300P Scientific Olfactometer Overview:

Scentroid SC300P ( Scientific Olfactometer ) is a specialized multi-sensory olfactometer with EEG and FNIR capabilities for advanced psychological and physiological research and treatment. The SC300-P has been used by researchers and doctors to treat a variety of disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder.

The SC300P (Scientific Olfactometer with EEG Capabilities) is more than just an olfactometer, but a true multi-sensory stimuli instrument. Up to 8 odours can be connected to the instrument and programmed to be administered to the panellist at various concentrations. Images, videos, and audio stimuli can be simultaneously administered by the SC300P (Scientific Olfactometer with EEG Capabilities) via its external monitor to provide complete sensory immersion.

EEG, FNIR, and EPrime Scientific Olfactometer Connectivity:

The SC300P ( Scientific Olfactometer with EEG Capabilities ) seamlessly integrates with EEG and FNIR machines to provide simultaneous stimuli readings from the panellists. Trigger signals will provide a clear reference on which stimuli were being administered. E-Prime connectivity allows the SC300P to act as a master or as part of a large network of instruments in a comprehensive study.

Use the SC300P Scientific Olfactometer for:

Olfactory sensitivity testing
PTSD study and treatment
Multi-sensory psychological studies linking scent to brainwaves
Diagnostic and treatment of olfactory disorders
Product testing and market research
Basics of Operation of SC300P:
1. Clean air is supplied by the portable air supply module
2. Up to 8 samples are connected to the same sample ports and prepared for presentation
3. Panellists are fitted with an EEG cap and the system is set to record responses
4. A test mode is selected, and audio and visual data is loaded for the presentation
5. The SC300P will then present olfactory, audio, and video stimuli in accordance with the defined test mode
6. During each presentation, the SC300P will trigger the EEG with identification of audio, video and olfactory stimuli presented

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