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Walsn Mill & Silo Monitoring

Mill & Silo Monitoring is a monitoring system specifically designed to continuously detect carbon monoxide (CO) in pulverizing mills. The high level of CO produced by any incomplete combustion process is used by the MSM-100 system as advance warning of a mill fire. It is suitable for any coal or peat system where advance warning of spontaneous combustion is required. MSM-100 is intended for operation in the electricity, metals, cement, steel and processing industries. The MSM-100 system consists of three principle parts, probe, blowback unit, and the monitoring unit.
Product Features
The MSM-100 probe is flange mounted,and designed to withstand a very high
level of abrasive particles. The probe surface has Nanometer wear-resistant coating Automatic blowback function
Double-sensor technology, automatic timer, auto calibration mechanism,extended sensor service life,precision information, and zero point stability.
MSM-100 technology can detect and alert personnel faster than any temperature gradient detection mechanism.
Typical Applications
Storage Silos Pulverizing Mills Grinding Plants Coal Bunkers

Walsn Mill & Silo Monitoring
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