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Walsn Combustion Efficiency Analyzer

CEA-100 combustion efficiency analyser continuously detects the contents of carbon monoxide (CO) and oxygen (O2) in flue gas based on duplicate sensor technology. It provides an accurate, reliable and economical solution for boiler efficiency measurement. Designed for ease of maintenance and packaged for the industrial environment, CEA-100 is simple to install.
Product Features
CO combustion zone breaks traditional technology, innovative ideas, ease of use, not affected by factors such as loading, coal etc
The analyzing system is not affected by flue air leakage , less measurement error It is easy to achieve minimum heat loss and maximum combustion efficiency
Adjust air volume through analyzing concentration of CO and O2, a new strategy to control combustion
Preventing high temperature corrosion on water wall tubes

Typical Applications
Boilers Incinerator Klin

Walsn Combustion Efficiency Analyzer
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