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HE218B Large LED Display Temperature and Humidity Transmitter

HE218B Large LED Display Temperature and Humidity Transmitter

Product Description
LED height range from 1.8 to 5 inches, the screen is customizable, display content can be temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, atmospheric pressure,etc. It adopt bright LED digital display, words are sharp and clear, visual distance up to 100m, the changes of temperature and humidity can be seen clearly by every stuff, user can notice immediately if there's something abnormal. It's ideal for the monitoring of environmental factors in workshop, warehouse, achieve room, cold storage room, clean room, office and communication machine room .

Long visual distance from 15~75m.

Switzerland imported sensor with high accuracy & stability.

Year,month,day,temperature simultaneously display.

Communication interface optional:USB/RJ45/RS485/WIFI.

Deviation can be calibrated by buttons.

Memory for 43000 readings.

Optional function:Tomonitor software with remote online certified monitor by PC/APP.

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