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HD208- אוגר נתונים נייח, מדד טמפרטורה, לחות.

HD208- אוגר נתונים נייח, מדד טמפרטורה, לחות.

The data loggers of the series HD208 are compact instruments for monitoring temperature, relative humidity (RH) and dew point temperature.

Usable in a wide spectrum of applications, are available in various models (with or without LCD display):

• with 1 channel for temperature only (depending on the model, the sensor can be internal, external fixed or external with cable).
• with 1 channel for temperature and relative humidity (combined probe fixed or with cable).
• with 2 channels for temperature only (one external sensor with cable and one internal sensor).
• with 2 channels: one for temperature and relative humidity (combined probe with cable) and one for temperature only (internal sensor).

The logging function is extremely versatile; logging can be started and stopped manually, automatically or delayed.

For each quantity detected, two configurable alarm thresholds can alert the user if the measure exceeds the configured parameters.

The instrument automatically generates, after logging, a PDF report with charts of the variables collected and a CSV file with all measurements logged.

The basic application software HD35AP-S supplied with the instrument allows the configuration of the instrument, the real-time monitor of the measurements and the transfer of the acquired data into a database.

The HD35AP-CFR21 application software option allows the use of security features of the recorded data and configuration of the instrument in response to FDA 21 CFR part 11 recommendations.

The sensors are pre-calibrated and require no further calibration by the user. If necessary, the user can perform a new calibration using the HD35AP-S application software.

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