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Coriolis mass flow meter-

1. Overview
The TS series Coriolis mass flowmeter is a new generation of Coriolis meters with paired triangular flow tubes from Walsn. The Walsn mass flow meter is equipped with a transmitter utilizing a digital signal processor (DSP), integrated with digital closed-loop vibration control (DLC), which performs calculations and monitors diagnostic functions of the sensor. This provides high accuracy measurement, wide range ability and excellent reliability for you. Online node-configuration, diagnostics and data recording can be handled directly through a Hart communicator or Modbus.
The TS Series flowmeter not only provides mass flow rate, but can also calculate: density, temperature volumetric flow rate, total flow and component fractions online and in real-time.

2. Features
◆ Trapezoidal shape amplifies impact of Coriolis force, giving high sensitivity
◆ Dedicated ASIC with digital closed-loop control (DLC) improves the performance of gas-liquid flow measurement
◆ Dynamic vibration balance (DVB) technology enhances system stability
◆ 2-point temperature compensation and process pressure compensation

3. Applicable Fluids

◎ Gases
◎ Slurries
◎ Liquids

4. Typical Applications

◎ Custody transfer
◎ Reactor feed ratio
◎ Density measurement
◎ Batch control

5. Environmental Conditions
◆ Power consumption: ≤ 20W
◆ Enclosure rating: IP65, IP67, IP68 (Remote Style Options only)
◆ Vibration limits:
a) a = 0.5g
b) Endurance sweep, under the condition of 20Hz ~ 400Hz frequency for 50 sweep cycles
◆ Impact limits: If the flow meter is well-packed, its performance will not be affected by the following impacts:
a) Acceleration: 50m/s2
b) Impact frequency: 60 times/min ~100 times/min
c) Impact: 1000 times
◆ Ex approval: Ex d ib IIC T6 Gb
◆ Electromagnetic/Electrostatic compatibility
a) Electrostatic discharge: level 3
b) Electrical fast transient/burst (EFTB) resistance: level 3

Coriolis mass flow meter- 
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