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X-01 Sensor Flex - Indoor air quality

X-01 Sensor Flex - Indoor air quality

X-01 is a sensor for indoor air quality assessments. It’s used to analyze environments with little natural ventilation, temperature and humidity without adequate control that can cause discomfort to certain groups of people. *FLEX displays instantaneous air quality index readings and minimum, average and maximum concentrations. CrifferSuite software allows reports and graphs generation. The X-01 sensor for IAQ assessments is in accordance with the review studies of the World Health Organization (WHO) guide values for air pollutants.

*Flex is supplied separately.
OBS.: It’s necessary to purchase the Flex to use it in conjunction with the probe.

Technical Information

Multifunction sensor

Resolution: 0,01

Operation temperature: -40 to 70 ºC

Operation humidity: 0 to 95 % RH

Atmospheric pressure: 300 to 1.100 hPa

Instantaneous reading of IAQ index

Maximum, Average and minimum readings: IAQ index, temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure

Low power consumption

RJ-09 Conector

Dimensions: 20 x 47 x 81 mm

Weight: 39 g

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