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Aeris Single Stage Bioaerosol impaction sampler kit

Aeris Single Stage Bioaerosol impaction sampler kit

Single stage bioaerosol impaction sampler kit for biological analysis of microorganisms in artificially conditioned environments. The digital area sampling pump offers a 10 to 30 LPM flow with timing function. The analyzes are performed after air impaction, which is based on the shock of the volume of air collected over a culture medium. The single stage impaction sampler is aluminum machined, ensuring excellent sealing and asepsis. The glass collector table with 400 holes is independent and can be replaced in case of clogging. Aeris can be used with a battery or with electric power.

Technical Information
Display: High contrast Backlit LCD with Battery Power Level Indicator, sampling time indicator, flow and volume
Flow range: 10 to 30 LPM (recommended 28,3 LPM)
Programmable flow and time
External filter for protection of the motor (allows easy cleaning at the work field)
Power supply: rechargeable Li-on battery or bivolt feeding
Keyboard calibration, no adjustment keys required
Operation temperature: 0 to 65 ºC
Operation humidity: 0 to 95% RH
Up to 16” of H2O back pressure system
Dimensions: 241 x 139 x 114mm
Weight: 3.880g

Impaction sampler
Andersen type
Single stage
Uses 60mm to 100mm petri dishes
Dimensions: 105 x 73mm
Weight: 570g

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